Awards Triumph at NPT P.A.S.S 2023
Awards Triumph at NPT P.A.S.S 2023
Awards Triumph at NPT P.A.S.S 2023

Awards Triumph at NPT P.A.S.S 2023

Awards Triumph at NPT P.A.S.S 2023

Mains Martial Arts emerged as a shining star at the NPT P.A.S.S Awards 2023.

Held at the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot on the 23rd of June, the event aimed to honour individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to the sporting community.

The Winners

Performance Coach Of The Year – Lauren Main:

At the heart of every successful sports club is an exceptional coach, for Mains Martial Arts, that person is Lauren Main. Lauren’s dedication and positive encouragement inspires the students and makes a positive impact on the wider community. Her coaching prowess and ability to bring out the best in her students have been instrumental in the club’s success. Lauren’s well-deserved recognition as Performance Coach of the Year highlights her exceptional skills and commitment to her craft.

Young Volunteer of the Year – Jacob Wyatt:

Volunteers are the backbone of any thriving team, selflessly devoting their time and energy to support and uplift their peers. Jacob Wyatt was presented with the Young Volunteer of the Year award for his exceptional contributions to the club. Jacob willingly gives up his time to involve himself in training activities, through coaching or offering support in other roles. His altruistic nature and dedication to helping others without any financial reward are truly commendable. Jacob is an inspiration to his peers and demonstrates the immense impact that passionate individuals can have within their communities.

Youth Team of the Year – Finalist:

We achieved a finalist position for the Youth Team of the Year award. This recognition underscores the exceptional talent and determination displayed by the club’s young martial artists. The instructors dedication to nurturing young talent has helped the students grow and excel.

Miss Lauren Main said she was delighted with the results. “It’s a great achievement for the club and for the students,”.

The club’s outstanding achievements at the NPT PASS Awards 2023 highlights our commitment to our students and their progress. We will continue to build a positive and encouraging environment for all our members.


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