Success For Neath TaeKwon-Do School
Success For Neath TaeKwon-Do School
Success For Neath TaeKwon-Do School

Success For Neath TaeKwon-Do School

Success For Neath TaeKwon-Do School

Martial Arts Success from Neath TaeKwon-Do School

Mains Martial Arts took a team of 31 ITF Tae-Kwon-Do competitors to Cardiff for the Dragon Cup and boy did they perform.

It was the first-ever competition for most of our competitive team. Every single student was amazing, Competing in Tuls, Sparring, Special technique and Power.

Results of our competitors

  • Jesse Johns – Sparring Gold, Special Technique Silver
  • Abbie Saunders – Tul Gold, Sparring Bronze
  • Jacob Wyatt – Sparring Silver, Special Technique Silver
  • Maddison Povey – Tul Gold, Sparring Bronze
  • Maddie-Rose Wilson – Tul Bronze, Sparring Silver
  • Kimberly Byrne – Tul Silver
  • Christopher  Santos Gil Carpano  – Tul Bronze
  • Cian  Santos Gil Carpano- Tul Gold
  • Dyllon-Rose Evans -Tul Bronze
  • Dewi Rees – Tul Silver
  • Jac Tristam – Sparring Silver, Special Technique Bronze
  • Darcie-Mai Edwards – Tul Silver
  • George Morgan – Sparring Gold
  • Cadi Tristam – Tul Gold
  • Brandon Twomey – Sparring Silver
  • Ocean Ferron-Hicks – Sparring Gold
  • Mason Cornish – Tul Gold
  • Aaliyah Price – Sparring Gold, Sparring Silver
  • Harriet Jenkins – Tul Gold
  • Ben Williams – Tul Silver
  • Michael Rogers – Sparring Bronze
  • Ileshia White – Sparring Bronze
  • Mark Focsaneanu, Arlo Main-Dunphy, Seren Abraham, Zac Price, Adelaide Byrne, Franklyn Byrne, Frederick Byrne, Blake Jones, Imogen Charles – Great Job. Remember, you either win or learn, never lose.
Martial Arts School Winners

To top the day off Mains Martial Arts, Neath TaeKwon-Do School was ranked 2nd Overall School of the day 29 medals coming back to Neath.

Back into the gym to work on what we have learned.

Our Team is now looking forward to competing at the Welsh ITF Taekwondo Championships on the 1st of July.



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